Income Tax Return Preparation

The federal income tax code and regulations are technical, complicated, and often very difficult to understand and interpret. As a result, the forms and instructions written and distributed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are often very complicated and very difficult to understand. The attorneys at Sidney B. Margolis, Ltd. have been dealing with the tax code, regulations and forms for over 35 years. They have a deep understanding of the law and the use of these forms; and have been preparing the most sophisticated and complicated income tax returns for individuals (form 1040), c corporations (form 1120), s corporations (form 1120 S), partnerships (form 1065), estates (form 1041), and trusts (form 1041).

Often the IRS instructions are not clear which sub-form should be used to report certain information; or there are alternative methods of reporting some transaction. In such circumstances, the attorneys at Sidney B. Margolis, Ltd. will report the information in a manner most favorable to you.

The attorneys at Sidney B. Margolis, Ltd. are aware of those deductions that the IRS is scrutinizing. If you are interested in taking one of those deductions we will advise of the strict requirements you will have to satisfy, and make you aware that you are increasing your exposure to an IRS audit.

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